Tuesday, July 20, 2010

hello sportsfans!!

well it has indeed been some time. what has happened you may ask? well i am sure Mutha has pretty much been filling you all in on the gossip. but for those of you who might not follow her.....

ok so last post i think i had just moved back to brisbane from nsw.
well jawsome and i split, on good terms. it was really hard on me and i kinda shut everyone out for a while, but things are good now.

i got a job as a body piercer and moved back to my home town. gosh i missed this place. i may be mad, but this has always felt like home to me. i never wanted to leave in the first place.


i found a new love whilst i was here. i shall call him Jew, as Mutha hasn't given him a pet name yet. and yes, he is jewish and proud of it.

we were together for about 7 months, but had a short split not long ago. i guess i was tired of things. i needed time to be me for a bit. that lasted a few weeks. we are now back together. my choice.

he has been my rock through some hard times. i am back on my mood stabilisers as things went downhill for me around february. i lost my house, my job and my nan all within 2 weeks of my birthday.

well, the lease ran out on the house we had and my housemate was moving into a place of her own and i couldn't afford to stay on my own. considering my work closed around the same time. pity. it was a nice house.

i am now living with Jew's sister. i have my own shed down the back. it's alright. the teen is currently sharing with me until we find other arrangements. it's weird cause we even have to share my bed. there is only one room. the kitchen and bedroom are all in one. luckily the bathroom is seperate.

i am actually in the process of designing a house i would like to have built. it's only a little cottage but it's cute. it has a large lounge area and a large bedroom. it still needs some tweaking. totally forgot to put in the walk-in robe. lol.

so i am currently at uni. not properly, but it's like a precursor to uni. it's called the steps program. it basically runs through the stuff we might have learned in senior school. it prepares us for proper uni. i am thinking of doing teaching next year. in the area of science. cause that's all i was really good at in high school. lol.

but in all seriousness, i really hope i can do well. i am just scared i will grow tired of it and drop out. i have already been thinking of quitting steps to get a full time job cause money is a big issue. my car needs fixing, i can barely afford rent at the place i am now, i need to get a computer for next year if i stay with uni. it's a lot to deal with. some days i feel like not getting out of bed, but i try to stay focused on teh end picture. it would be great if i ended up teaching at my old high school. what would i call the older teachers who were there when i was there? i would still be tempted to call them miss or sir. it would do my head in. lol.

i have to do a thing for steps called a heroes journey. it's supposed to catalogue our journey through steps. i have decided to do mine in the form of a blog. and it will be the raw thing. no editing. then i will provide my lecturer with a link to this blog and she can read my journey through here. i think it sounds like a plan.

soon i have to start my first big assignment. i have to do it on something current in australia at the moment. i am thinking of asking if i can do mine on depression. it's still a major thing in australia and i think the only reason you don't hear much about it is cause people still don't understand it. it's like austism. people think that someone who's autistic is automatically a retard. which is not the case. the teen and i were having a discussion about that this morning. we know a few autistic people and we actually recognise a fair few autistic traits within ourselves. to the point where we are actually questioning if we have mild autism or not. it would explain a hell of a lot. me not feeling like i can function well if there;s a change from routine, being stubborn when people tell me things that differ from what i know. just little things like that.

maybe i should see if i can study to teach children with a disability? then i could help with my cousins. =]

anyway, i have been sitting here for long enough. my Jew is waiting for me out near the bonfire. we are at the property this week. housesitting. someone needs to feed the pigs and the cows and the horses and the dogs. oh and the guinea fowl. and the chookens.

it's good to be back........


SOL's view said...

Welcome back my dear. It will be good to follow your journey.

And yes, he does have a name. I've called him Subs! :)

Froggy said...

Good luck with the "journey" (I do despise that word usually, but I think it's appropriate here.

I'll watch with keen interest. You could learn a lot from your cousins. I have long suspected autism in at least one of them and more recently the other, however in different forms.