Wednesday, April 15, 2009

hahahahahaha...... ow

So I thought I'd be good and go and get some exercise and rollerblade to coles to wait for jawsome to finish work. That's fine.

It's been ages since I last rollerbladed, and I forgot that jawsome's blades are top quality, not shitty little kmart ones like ours were.

I went downstairs to practice a few laps on the path. I never even got there. I rolled down one little slope (it's seriously fuckin tiny! Like less than an inch high...) and I went backwards! I came sooooo close to whacking my head on the concrete. I did manage to skin both palms and both elbows. I'm quite impressed with that. I took the blades off and went upstairs for panadol (I whacked my back pretty good too!) and to dettol my wounds. Yes guys, we actually have dettol. I'm glad I fought for that now.

And as for blading? Fuck that. I'll walk thanks. =/


SOL's view said...

*cacks* it all seems to happen to you, doesn't it!

*hugs for the silly*

**tradach** what the heck is that??

Froggy said...

you idiot. you remind me of your mother falling off her bicycle trying a brief health kick. must run in the family

**fledis** ???? sounds contagious...

The Elder said...

tradach?? that's the sound i made as i stacked it....

lol why am i not surprised to hear of other family members stacking it on various things??

i just wonder what the ambo driver thought as he drove past..... he was probably pissing himself laughing.