Tuesday, April 14, 2009

hello post-easter crowd!

well it's been tourist season for the past weeks or so. and it's been shit!

luckily i didn't need to go anywhere last week. at some point there was an accident on the forster/tuncurry bridge and it was closed for like half an hour or more. there's only 2 ways out of forster. one is over the bridge. and the other way brings u out near bulahdelah. google earth it. it's like.... way far the wrong direction!!

we followed Big Red (first mentioned in the Moonin Brook episode...) through that back way once. it was dark. he drives fast. we lost sight of him. we had a mild panic at one moment cause we couldn't even see his lights ahead and it's a rather twisty and turny road. dirt too, i might add. it got to the point where we were keeping an eye out for a cloud of dust and skid marks leaving the road.

he was fine of course. we caught up with him once he slowed down for us. it took us about an hour before we finally got back out onto the highway.


for easter, i got a dark lindt bunny on the friday, and i got a choccy egg on sunday. Jawsome gave me the bunny on friday cause he was working 7-4 saturday and sunday. he should get a decent pay this week. although that means i most likely won't get anything from centrelink. which is pretty suckful. and i'm still waiting on my rudd moneez. i have plans for that. i've decided i'm gonna cancel my glasses and just get them once we're in brissie. i have a bigger choice of frames as well in brissie.

so without getting the glasses, that leaves me with a bit more money for the move. i gotta buy the kids their plane tickets to come down so they can take one of the cars back, i can keep some for fuel now, and i can get my psp and some games, my disney dvds off layby, and i might be able to actually get my new ipod too! and i'll give the Teen my current one so Mutha doesn't have to worry about her nicking it anymore.

only thing is cause the old computer died without me being able to unauthorise it, there's only space for 1 computer after i take it off Jawsome's. but i don't think she'll mind too much. at least it'll be all hers and nobody will be able to take it off her. unless they steal it. which would be heaps shit. but oh well. won't be my problem.

ooooh i'm so excited. things seem to be coming along a little better now. poor Jawsome is getting a little stressed. the store he wanted to go to doesn't have the part time hours available for him, but they can give him a casual position. which will at least get us up there. then while he's not working, he can look for another job. and once i have myself a job, i'll be able to support him. i haven't heard anything back from any of the places i've applied at so far. but that could be causee my address on the resume is still NSW. once we move i reckon i'll have a better chance. i'm already gonna start putting the QLD address on it. so we'll just see what happens i guess.

oh and i've finally given in to the hype and i also have a twitter now. but i still don't really get it. it's like the facebook status thing. it's tiny. but i now have 2 people following me, and i'm following about 5 people. bunch of celebs.

i might go for a walk to the shops later. haven't done that in a while. and it's finally stopped raining. woohoo! i can see blue sky!


Froggy said...

ah, honey, think how much MORE money you would have without the IPOD, PS3, games, other wasteful stuff! lol

I have two MP3 player, plus the phone, but I never seem to get around to using any of them. cause at work I use ITunes, and at home the TV is always on, or I am never in one place long enough to plug it in.

Strange. I think I am getting old...


The Elder said...

well i've had the psp on layby for months now. as in, back when i actually HAD a job. i only have $100 left to pay on it. and that is in a pack with a lego batman game, and there's another game i want to get, which is only $10 cause it's a pre-owned copy.

if i get a new ipod, my current one will be given to the Teen, so we'll all have one of our own (cause she steals Mutha's all the time). and i'll only get the 8G one cause that has enough space and it's the cheaper one. and it's got free postage and free engraving so i'll get my name engraved on it for security purposes.

and the dvds are on layby too, so i gotta pay that off before we move.

basically i'll just be paying off things that are on layby. i'm not buying new stuff outright.

although i could do with a new pair of jeans. i only have 1.